POST Grape-Nuts


Objectives: Launch new product, Post Grape Nuts Fit, to national audience of active, outdoor-oriented consumers. Gain new, younger loyal users, while changing people’s long-held belief that Grape Nuts cereal is too crunchy, hard-to-eat, and best only with milk, preferably warmed up.

Solution: PBN distributed approx. 1 million product samples to a new generation of consumers at state parks across the US. Former customers could try the new, easier-to-eat formulation for themselves, and new customers were exposed to Grape Nuts in a positive, memorable setting.

Grape Nuts provided important product information via digital banner ads across the Pocket Ranger® platform, including the Pocket Ranger Blog® and Pocket Ranger eXchange® social community site; all linked directly to GN’s facebook page. Additionally, PBN created a nation-wide, Grape Nuts branded “What’s Your Mountain?” Geo Challenge that included in-park signage, cementing synergies between the brand, the parks, and the official Pocket Ranger® apps. Associated PR campaigns put Grape Nuts in the spotlight with consumers and the marketing community (ADWEEK interview, 5/1/13).

Results: Post rated the Fit launch as one of the most successful in company’s history. They gained millions of new, loyal customers who will always positively associate the brand with their wonderful in-park adventures, thousands of new “friends” on facebook, and a huge data-base of Geo Challenge participants who have invited the brand to send follow-up communications.

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