Objectives: Support national campaign for Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014 launch. Reach a broad audience of active drivers when vehicle choice is top-of-mind, utilizing relevant context and providing the opportunity for customers to immediately interact with the brand and get more information and/or schedule a test drive. Additionally, connect directly with owners of five key competitive brands.

Solution: Jeep’s national Pocket Ranger® sponsorship delivered their message to millions of active drivers who were in the process of planning driving trips to state parks and F&W areas across the country – from early spring through fall. In-park drivers also benefitted from the Pocket Ranger’s advanced GPS features, which highlight key scenic roads along with crucial weather information. With one click, users linked directly to Jeep’s site, getting updated model information, pricing, and dealer locations.

In addition to the digital component, Jeep also received back-cover positioning on Pennsylvania’s 2013/14 Official State Parks & Forests System Map, produced by PBN. With over 500K copies distributed throughout the state, and total readership of 1.25MM, Jeep reached a core driving audience and aligned the brand with the state’s treasured natural resources.

Separately, PBN ran a “conquest” email campaign to approx. 200K owners of selected competitive brands whose leases were expiring within 60 days. Over 13.5% of recipients clicked the “schedule test drive” link, resulting in thousands of qualified potential customers visiting dealer showrooms.

Result: Unprecedented success on all parameters.

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