Chevy Colorado


Objectives: Increase reach to a massive audience of outdoor enthusiasts in support of a national campaign for the 2015 Chevy Colorado. Use mobile media to generate 87 million impressions during the critical 5 ½ month period of Mid-May – September, supporting Chevy’s ad campaign in traditional media. Importantly, target known truck owners and/or near-term potential new Chevy truck purchasers with messaging that’s consistent with editorial context, thereby encouraging engagement with the brand and stimulating dealer visits.

Solution: Recognizing that Pocket Ranger® users are perfectly aligned with its “active” target audience, Chevy’s media planning agency, Carat, utilized the Pocket Ranger® mobile platform to achieve its 87 million impressions goal with a blend of rotating/static banners, interstitials, embedded Chevy-branded videos, and social media. Placement of Chevy messaging within key editorial sections such as hiking, boating, kayaking, camping, surfing, allowed Chevy to connect with consumers when researching their “outdoor passion points”, and during their outdoor adventures.

Result: Achievement of all media reach goals and exceptionally low Adjusted Day Supply during term of campaign.

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