Best Western


Objectives: Support franchisees in 11 selected states by steering guests to hotels located near popular state parks. Since neighboring communities provide most services such as accommodations, restaurants, etc., Best Western wanted to secure guest reservations during the trip-planning stage and gain an advantage over competitors.

Solution: Best Western received category exclusivity and gained highly visible exposure on PBN’s digital platform at all places where users gather trip planning information for overnight stays. This included hotel icons on the Pocket Ranger® apps’ “Near Me” GPS feature. Additionally, BW capitalized on its association with the parks to cross promote on its own website; thereby positioning itself as the ‘hotels of choice’ for park overnight visitors.

Results: BW saw a significant increase in year-over-year reservations for franchisee hotels in the selected 11 states. Because BW had category exclusivity, franchisee hotels in these markets also gained share of market over competitors.

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