Land Rover


Objectives: Utilize mobile media in new, creative ways to support the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport’s “#Discover the Undiscovered” campaign, targeted at upscale, adventurous SUV owners and/or potential brand purchasers. Fully integrate messaging and make the brand synonymous with driving adventures at America’s best state parks. Additionally, steer customers to Land Rover’s mobile optimized site incorporating branded videos submitted by actual owners from around the country.

Solution: Starting in early fall, 2015, Land Rover gained complete brand ownership of the Pocket Ranger apps’ main “Explore” navigation page – the starting point for users planning state park excursions. This included a static banner linked directly to Land Rover’s mobile site, a full-screen branded wallpaper, and a dedicated “#Discover the Undiscovered” nav button opening to a custom-built branded editorial section, unlike anything ever done on the Pocket Ranger® platform. PBN editors compiled information for two suggested state parks in each state where users could “discover” unique new areas to explore.

Result: Without depending exclusively on standard ad banners, Land Rover generated huge awareness for the new Discovery Sport by creatively integrating its messaging with branded content relevant to users. Importantly, many thousands of Pocket Ranger® app users joined Land Rover’s social community, sharing their park adventures with others.

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