Yeti Coolers


Objectives: Reach hard-core hunters and anglers who spare no expense on the best equipment and who are prime targets for Yeti’s high-end coolers. Utilize mobile media to catch this key audience when they’re planning upcoming excursions, and while in-the-field and having the perfect cooler is top-of-mind.

Solution: During the crucial months of summer 2015, Yeti utilized rotating banners on specific Pocket Ranger® mobile apps, as well as static banners within relevant editorial sections that were linked directly to branded videos. This created real synergy between Yeti’s messaging and content that is crucial to the target user audience, positioning Yeti as the brand that really understands the needs of hunters/anglers.

Result: Because Yeti’s carefully targeted messages were inserted within directly relevant editorial content on Pocket Ranger® apps, user engagement was exceptionally high, with banners exceeding 2% CTR.

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