Virginia Beach Tourism


Objectives: Stimulate multi-day visitation to the Virginia Beach area year-round by both VA residents and out-of-state vacationers.

Solution: Based on its successful 2014 ad campaign “Live the Life” on the Official Pocket Ranger® Virginia State Parks app, VBT’s ad agency, BCF, and PBN worked together to expand the reach in 2015 by including seasonal inspiring rotating banners on the Pocket Ranger® New York State Parks app during winter months to promote Virginia Beach’s warm weather. VBT continued its ownership of Region 9 editorial content on the VA app with static banners, especially concentrated on False Cape State Park. Pocket Ranger® social channels were also effectively used to further engage pre-trip planners.

Result: For over two years, VBT has used the Pocket Ranger® mobile/social platform to capture potential visitors when they’re actually planning trips, and increased off-season visitation with its “Three Beaches” ad campaign which ran on the Pocket Ranger® NY State Parks app.

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